EHEV Olive Oil

Fruity Pungent Grassy

Early Harvest Extra Virgin olive oil like you've never tasted before


What we do differently

Our olive oil comes from single-origin variety olives, named Koroneiki. Out of 1500 trees we handpick the olives that are at the optimum level maturity and show no defects. This helps us achieve the perfect balance in fruitiness, bitterness and pungent aromas. We harvest, cold press, filter and pack on the same day, using the Bag-in-Box® packing method which maintains the full taste and aromas for months, keeping the oil fresh and vibrant to the very last drop.


Our History

Vardakis Family

We are a family business that was established by our grandfather in Southern Crete, Greece. He began the groves with only a few trees and over the years, watching them grow, reaching over 1500 trees. We do not blend olive oils, we do not blend olives. Our product comes from our olive trees straight to your table.


Full House 2021

 After quite some time we managed all three of us to be at the harvest, and what a harvest it was! Powerful trees vibrant full of life with lots of bright green olives! This year is one to celebrate. 

G O G Full House front label v2.jpg

Hidden Bijou 2020

Due to our philosophy and production methods we only produce a limited amount of olive oil each year and as such each harvest is slightly different. We call this character. Rain, sun, humidity and temperature play their part and result in slight variations in taste. What doesn't change is our commitment to the highest of standards. Spring and summer were hot but also September and October were exceptionally dry this year. Olives grew small but full of flavour. Like small bijou jewellery.

G O G Bijou FRONT.jpg

November Swim 2019

The weather during the harvest period in 2019 was unseasonably warm and humid, 32°C to be precise, which meant we celebrated with a sweet swim in the November Cretan sea.

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The Shop

We believe that olive oil should always taste the same as the day it was harvested. For this reason we use pouches and Bag-in-Box® packing method. This keeps the olive oil safe from the oxidising qualities of light and air, even after you have opened it. The aromas stay fresh and the flavor sharp.

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Pouch 1L


Our 1L pouch is ideal for couples and gift.

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Box in bag 5L


The 5L box is ideal for families and customers who love Mediterranean diet.


Local Delivery

We post through Royal mail and Hermes delivery.  However, if you are in the blue zone highlighted on the map, please drop us a message for locally deliver free of charge.




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